Replies are duplicated when dragging and dropping an annotation across pages

WebViewer Version: 10.10.0 & 10.10.1

Do you have an issue with a specific file(s)? No, the issue seems to happen with multiple files
Can you reproduce using one of our samples or online demos? Yes
Are you using the WebViewer server? No
Does the issue only happen on certain browsers? I can replicate it on Edge and Chrome
Is your issue related to a front-end framework? ?
Is your issue related to annotations? Yes

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Replies are duplicated when dragging and dropping an annotation from one page to another.

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Launch the demo here:

Add a rectangle annotation, then to that rectangle add a comment and save, then add a reply and save, so you have something like this:

Now drag this annotation from page 1 to page 2. You can see the reply is now in the comments panel twice:

If I now drag back to page 1 then to page 2 again, the reply has proliferated further:

This same issue also replicates with other annotations that can be dragged from page to page, such as the Free Text and Note as well as shapes (like Line, Arc, etc.).

NOTE: this is not purely a cosmetic issue either. I believe if you check what is returned by annotationManager.exportAnnotationCommand when the annotationChanged listener is called, the data there also shows too many replies. I saw this after the 2nd drag-and-drop operation.

QUESTION: Is it possible to programmatically disallow dragging of annotations from one page to another?

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Hello Sherrel,

Thank you for contacting WebViewer Forums.

You can disable dragging annotations across pages using the following API:


More information here: Apryse WebViewer Class: AnnotationManager

Best regards,

Hello Luke,

Thank you for the API call. We may consider disabling dragging for the short term as a temporary workaround.

Was anyone able to replicate the issue I am seeing?

Hi Sherrel,

Thank you for the update.

I was able to reproduce this bug in our latest test environment and have submitted a bug report for our development team to review. Thank you for reporting this! We will provide an update as soon as we can.