Resolving error when converting RTF PDF/A 1a using JAVA

Q: When converting a rtf file to pdf/a 1a on a 64 bit machine, we

Installing printer (requires administrator and Windows platform)
Unable to install printer, error:
Exception: Message: Failed to install printer.

VERSION: latest
OPERATING SYSTEM: Windows 2003 x64

We had to compile this as java 1.5 and we got the dll to load (because
we are java shop). Our user is an administrator on this box. So we
are not sure why we are getting this message.

This does work on 32 bit machine compiled with Java 1.5 and compiled
with Java 1.6.
A: The problem is that your machine (Win 2003) does not have XPS print
path installed. You need to install Microsoft XPS Essentials Pack:

Please note that this step is not required for .NET applications or if
your solution is running on Vista or Windows 7 (since they are already
XPS capable).

Q: I’ve installed the paper pack as you requested. And still pdftron
calls for installation of the paper pack dlls (Which are installed).
How do make this work on a Windows 2003 64 bit machine
A: It seems that the problem is that you are using 32-bit DLL version
of 64-bit machine. To resolve the problem download the 64-bit version

Q: I used 64-bit PDFNet on our 64 bit machine. I modified your
runtest.bat to add in the specific directories for the lib directory.
I can compile but I cannot run and PDFNet sample.I have the -D and -
classpath parameters set in my call to java. The error I get is:
java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: Can’t load library: PDFNetC

A: Most likely you are using 32-bit JAVA on a 64-bit machine. In this
case JAVA will expect 32-bit DLL-s. You can definitely use 32-bit
version of PDFNet for everything expect for the virtual printer driver
(which is partially used in the Convert sample). In this case the
version of PDFNet must match the bitness of the target machine.
The solution is that you use 64-bit JAVA on a 64-bit system.

Q: The pdf dlls and jar load! Yeah 64bit java!

The ConvertTest now runs by I get the following error when converting
MS Word to PDF.D:\ECM_Seed8\PDFTron\PDFNetC64


Installing printer (requires administrator and Windows platform)
Installed printer PDFTron PDFNet Converting MS Word document to PDF
Using the PDFTron PDFNet printer
Unable to convert MS Word document, error:
Exception: An error occurred while converting the file.
Detailed error: Unable to convert file, too many attempts.

I need to convert RTF, DOC, and DOCX to PDF.
A: In case you need RTF, you can associate RFT with a Wordpad. In case
you need to handle Word document you would ideally use MS Office
(2007/2010 which support all three file types) to avoid virtual driver
conversion, but other applications can also be used.

For more info please see: