Resolving permission issues on the production server.

Q: We are using PDFNet to convert exiting PDF documents to linearized
(fast web-view) PDF. So far we were able to successfully convert docs
to web fast view in our development environment, but when we run the
application in our production server we are encountered the following

Exception: Message: An error occurred while trying to save the file.
The file might be locked, corrupt, or unavailable.

We believe the errors are due to entitlements on the prioduction
server but even after giving full control to the app user id, the
files are not converted. Any help with this would be greatly
A: Based on the error message it seems that PDFNet.DLL does not have
read/write access to a given specific folder. Besides granting the
access privileges to the input/output PDF folder the linearization
(fast web-view) option requires access to a temporary folder. In case
you don't want to use the default Windows 'temp' folder, you could use
PDFNet.SetTempPath() to change the location of the 'temp' folder.