Ruby bindings - needs update


You have a great piece of software but it needs to be updated to the current and future Ruby versions. Ruby 1.9.3 will be dropped within a year and it’s hassle having to maintain a older ruby version and apply to it’s syntax, miss out on great gems among other things just to be able to use your library. Ruby 2.0 was released quite a while ago and Ruby 2.1.0 was recently released.

Do you have any plans at all to update the library/bindings?

If you would make it easier to integrate the library within a gem I would be happy to help out maintaining the repository.


FYI: PDFTron open sourced PDFNet SWIG bindings for Ruby (and some other languages such as PHP, Python). You can use these bindings to target different Ruby versions.

For more info see

How great, thank you! :slight_smile: