Ruby On Rails PDFNet SDK View sample code

For My Project I need to integrate with PDFTron .
In They given
sample codes for all other languages except Ruby in view.
Even though I understand editing and text extraction all but first of
all I want to display Pdf file to edit in browser.

Some one who used PDFNet SDK in their Ruby On Rails project can give
Idea and sample code

or any gem or plugin available for RoR ?


Since Ruby is typically used in context of web apps you need a PDF web viewer instead of a native control.

To implement a PDF viewer in browser you can use SilverDox ( - that will be soon renamed to PDFTron Web Viewer) in conjunction with PDFNet SDK.

SilverDox currently works in any browser with HTML5 or Silverlight support (on Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS/Android). Flash client frontend is also in works.

You can access some Silverlight online samples using the following link:

You can access some HTML5 viewer samples here:

For more info re: HTML5 & Flash client please contact info at

A JavaScript wrapper is also available that will pick the optimal viewer (e.g. HTML5, Silverlight, Flash) based on the available technologies on the client side.

Q: In my Ruby on Rails Project I want to use PDF NET Sdk

my application includes below function related to pdftron

1)upload Pdf File
2)Display Pdf File(pdftron::PDF::PDFViewCtrl)
3) select Specific area to remove (Annotation functionality)
4)extract meta data of pdf file
5)pdf Text Extraction functionality

In above for Annotation functionality I need to use pdftron::PDF::PDFViewCtrl but I am not find any sample code for that .

A: Please see the previous thread for more info. SilverDox (a.k.a. PDFTron WebViewer) can display PDF, XPS, Office and other formats. It also supports text selection, search, vector graphics, bookmarks & metadata, and built-in annotation support.

The WebViewer (for HTML5/Flash/Silverlight) works with XOD files (for more info please see

To generate or stream XOD you could use PDFNet SDK on your own servers (as shown in SilverDoxConvert/Streaming sample).

In case you would like to offload the conversion part of the SilverDox system, we are about to release a simple to use and inexpensive REST conversion service. For more info, please contact info at


Thanks for your suggestions. We have some clarifications displaying Silverdox (.xod file).

  1. Is silverdox supporting ruby or rails?
  2. Can you provide us sample JavaScript wrappers?

A: Our WebViewers are client side technologies. As such, any server side technology that renders HTML pages can use the WebViewer. Because Ruby on Rails can also serve HTML pages, our WebViewer can definitely work with Ruby or any server side technology.

You can download a WebViewer re-distributable (that includes pre-compiled HTML5 & Silverlight viewer) using the following link:

Included in the package are scripts and HTML pages to get you started easily. The package also includes documentation and a small tutorial on how to use our WebViewer (see Readme.html).