Save DOCX template back to DOCX

Product: Webviewer SDK

Product Version: 10.2.3

Please give a brief summary of your issue: Can’t save merged DOCX template values back to DOCX

Please describe your issue and provide steps to reproduce it:

I’ve followed the guides and the several posts in this community asking to be able to merge DOCX template values and save this file back to DOCX format.

This doesn’t look like it’s possible or supported at all? This is very frustrating given that getFileData accepted a downloadType attribute as either pdf or office. It makes no sense to me why switching to office would suddenly get a non-annotated file.

Similarly, it doesn’t look like the Office Editing module supports editing a document created from template values.

Please provide a link to a minimal sample where the issue is reproducible:

Any of the demos

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Thank you for posting the incident to our forum. We will provide you with an update as soon as possible.

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Hi Zack,

Thank you for contacting us regarding Webviewer.

Could you elaborate more about “merging DOCX” template values? It would be helpful for us to investigate the issue, thank you.

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