Saving converted PDF/A document to a specific folder.

Q: I need aspecific comand-line argument for PDF/A Manager (http:// to output to a specific filename.

I have an input file: c:\temp\pdfin.pdf
I want an output file c:\temp\pdfout.pdf

needs to be pdf1b

I have tried pdfa z:\temp\pdfin.pdf -o z:\temp\ -f pdfout.pdf
A: I tried the following line and it seems to work fine:

pdfa c:\mypdfin\test.pdf -c -f testout.pdf -o c:\mypdfout

What was missing was -c parameter (for 'convert').
In case you are not interested in XML reports you can add '--noxml'
option in the command line.

Alternatively, for full flexiblity, you could use PDFACompliance class
in PDFNet: