Scanned PDF to Text Extractble pdf

Is it possible to convert a scanned PDF document into the text extractable pdf with PDFNet SDK?
If yes, Please share me the sample Java code.


PDFNet does not include built-in OCR capabilities. However, you can use PDFNet to rasterize a PDF into an image for input into an OCR system (using the PDFDraw API demonstrated at Once you have the OCRed text, you can create a PDF document from the original image and the text ( Once you have a PDF you can interactively view and annotate it (see the PDFViewCtrlDemo samples included with PDFNet).

Hi Ryan,
Thanks for the help,
The below is my understanding.
For OCR capability, you are recommending to use some other third party tool. PDFNet is helpful in converting to PDF to image and OCRed text to PDF.
Correct me if I am wrong.

That is correct yes.