scroll bar on the whole document

With pdftron.PDF.PDFViewCtrl (used in a .net application), how can I have a vertical scroll bar which allows to move in the whole document (go from page to page) and not only in the current page ?
Thanks for your help !

Hello Marc,

Just to clarify, are you looking to use PDFViewCtrl directly, or PDFViewWPF on your .Net application?

Thank you.

I’m using the Webviewer, and I have the same question. When I have a document with many pages, it only shows and scrolls one page at a time. Then after a brief pause, the next or prev page abruptly replaces the current page in view.

The user experience is not great. Is there a solution for this so we can smoothly scroll the entire document?

By the way, I tried to file a ticket about this, but one support page is down and the other has a bug and wont recognize the “Product” input, so I can’t submit it.