SDK 9.0.0 - New Multi Select LassoTool Removal


I am haveing trouble removing the new MultiSelectLassoToolButton from my Annotation Command Bar.

I set IsLassoToolButtonVisible=“False”, yet it still appears in my Command Bar. Please help.

Thanks in advance,

Hello Dante,

We’ve found an issue with the visibility option of the Multiselect Lasso Tool which has been addressed today.
This fix will be available tomorrow (May 19th) on our Nightly 9.0 Stable build for UWP (PDFNetUWPApps package):

Please let me know if it works for you

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Thanks for the help!

I am not seeing it on the list of packages. Perhaps it is not up yet, which is fine. I am just a little confused how am I suppose to get these packages loaded into my nu get packages? Any guidance would be appreciated.


Hello Dante,

You can access and download which is the latest 9.0 Stable Package released today.

The tools project will be located at PDFNetUWPApps\Lib\Framework\Tools_VS2019

Let me know if it works for you
Thank you

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