Search and replace text in PDF?

Q: I am working on a project in which I need to edit a existing PDF
template and replace several words in the template. I have attached 2
PDF files to this email. In the first attachment you see the template
and in de second attachment you see the template with the replaced
words. From the fist attachment I tried to replace the word “[%
[MAIL_VOORNAAM]%]” with the word “Hello” but as you can see in the
second attachment something went wrong and only the letter H is
visible. I’ve already searched through the sample codes that are in
the evaluation version but I can only find an example that replaces a
single letter and not entire words. I tried to edit this code myself
so it could replace entire words but as you already noticed this
hasn’t worked out the way I wanted to. Could you please send me an
example in which entire words can be replaced or could you explain to
me what I need to do in order to do it myself.
A: Did you have a chance to search PDFNet Knowledge Base (http:// for relevant topics? Using a
keyword "replace" I found several articles that may be useful as a
starting point for your project. You can also use the following
keywords to get more specific articles:

"Using PDFNet to search and replace variable text in PDF"
"How can I implement search and replace functionality in PDF"
"Can I replace text while keeping the same font?"
"How do I modify text color (and other attributes) under a given