Searchable PDF

Your site makes no mention of creating 'Searchable' PDFs?
Is it possible with your component? Ifso do I have to purchase a
seperate OCR module/component? How would I pass the image and related
A: Yes, using PDFNet SDK you can create 'Searchable' PDFs.
Please see for
more info:
You can use PDFNet in order to generate 'PDF Searchable Images'. PDF
Searchable Images are created using invisible text drawn on top of
scanned images. In order to make invisible text that can be highlighted
or searched, you need to set TextRenderingMode flag in the graphics
state of the text element (i.e. Element. GetGState().
SetTextRenderMode( GState.TextRenderingMode.e_invisible_text ) ).

You could embed raster images as illustrated in the following samples:


After you add the image, you can draw hidden text on top of the page.
Unfortunately PDFNet doesn't not include OCR (Optical Character
Recognition) functionality, so you will need to integrate it with a
third-party component.