Searching through multiple PDF documents


  1. Does the viewer have the capability to search through multiple PDF documents (for example under a root folder that might contain other folders and files) for a keyword or phrase?

  2. I think the answer is yes, but can the viewer be embedded as a simple Android view into a layout of our choice?


PDFViewCtrl class is derived from android.view.ViewGroup and encapsulates a rich set of functionalities for interactive viewing of PDF documents. This control has text search functionality, but only for the document opened in it. You can use other PDFNet classes to implement search (ie, TextSearch), but you would need to implement the logic to traverse the files/folders since it does not search through multiple files automatically.

Yes, the viewer (PDFViewCtrl) can be embedded as a simple view into a layout. The sample app contains an example using this approach.

To search multiple documents, can we “open” them one by one with our

own algorithm, but have them NOT render while we do a textSearch for the text?