Select all Text when entering a Textfield

WebViewer Version:
8.10.0 (also occurs on 8.12.0)

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Is your issue related to annotations?

Tested in our Web-Application and with the online demo.

When entering a Textfield on Windows (or general Desktop) via Tab, the whole Text in the Textfield is selected, on iOS the cursor is placed at the end of the text.

First i thougt: Okay, then i listen for “onFieldSelected” and use a function like “selectAllText” or something similar. But as i found, there is no “onFieldSelected” or “onFieldEntered” or something like this (How to catch event click/focus to widgetAnnotation( textField, checkbox, ...)?)

Is there a way to change the behavior on iOS, so that all Text inside a Textfield is selected when tabbed in via Tabulator?

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No chance to get a behavior like on Windows?

Hi Chris,

We will look into this, and see if there is a way.

Best Regards,
Ahmad Moaaz
Software Developer

Hello Ahmad,

thank you! I’m looking forward to your answer :slight_smile:

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Hello chris,

Apologies for the delay, you can select all the text on the text widget by accessing its innerElement and then calling the select() function like so:


The innerElement is an HTML input tag, so all the regular HTML functions and events apply :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Tyler Gordon
Platform Support Team Lead
Apryse Software

Hello Tylor,

unfortunately this doesn’t work. I’m using Angular as Framework and if i try your solution as follows:

      const annot = this.webviewer.instance.Core.annotationManager.getAnnotationsList()[0];;

The following error occurs:

If i try to cast ist:

      const annot = this.webviewer.instance.Core.annotationManager.getAnnotationsList()[0];
      (annot as any);

It crashes at runtime:

But even if it would work, i would still have the problem, that i don’t know when to call this function, because ther is no onEnter-Event for the form field?!

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Hello chris,
My apologies i should have clarified on the code


is supposed to be an instance of the widget you want to select all the text from, a better snippet would be:

You can listen to the onfocus event on the HTML element itself and call it, you can run this script when the document is loaded.

    if(annot instanceof instance.Core.Annotations.TextWidgetAnnotation) {
        annot.innerElement.onfocus =;

best regards,
Tyler Gordon

Hello Tylor,

i tried the solution and it works, but i needed a few small adjustments.

  • I “casted” the innerElement as HTMLInputElement, otherwise the angular compiler won’t compile it (or throws an error at runtime) because of onfocus isn’t available.
  • For my needs i also registered a onclick/onkeydown-Event to differntiate between Select via Click or Tab (for this to work a small timeout is needed, because onclick/onkeydown is fired before onfocus)
  • The whole code is executed within a function which is called when the annotationsLoaded-Event is fired. This function is also called after a small timeout, because otherwise sometimes the innerElement of the annotation-Element was empty.

The function itself:

   * Setzt bei allen Formularfeldern ein Fokus-Event, damit beim Sprung per Tab
   * in das Formularfeld der Text markiert wird
  private setOnFocusEvent(): void {
    // Alle Objekte durchlaufen
    this.webviewer.instance.Core.annotationManager.getAnnotationsList().forEach((annot) => {
      if (annot instanceof this.webviewer.instance.Core.Annotations.TextWidgetAnnotation) {
        // In ein HTMLInputElement "casten"
        const input = annot.innerElement as HTMLInputElement;

        // Falls das Element vorhanden ist/gecastet werden konnte
        if (input !== null) {
          // Falls per Klick selektiert wird
          // -> Text soll nicht selektiert werden
          input.onclick = () => {
            this._selectAllText = false;

          // Falls per Tabulator selektiert wird
          // -> Text soll selektiert werden
          input.onkeydown = () => {
            this._selectAllText = true;

          // Wenn das Element den Fokus erhaelt evtl. den Text selektieren
          input.onfocus = () => {
            // In einem Timeout, da onclick/onkeydown vor onfocus ausgefuehrt wird
            setTimeout(() => {
              // Falls noetig Text selektieren
              if (this._selectAllText === true);
              // Flag zuruecksetzen
              this._selectAllText = false;
            }, 100);

Calling the Function within annotationsLoaded-Event

    this.webviewer.instance.Core.documentViewer.addEventListener('annotationsLoaded', () => {
         // Nach einem Timeout die Events setzen
         // (damit auch alle Felder schon das innerElement haben)
        setTimeout(() => {
         }, 500);

Best regards