Semantic Compare show annotations for the second document

Product: webviewer

Product Version: 10.0.1

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Semantic Text Compare annotate on second document

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Hello, I have 2 questions about the comparison feature:

  1. When comparing 2 documents using Semantic Text Compare, I would like to be see the annotations for the document that is selected. Currently, I am only seeing the annotations for the document that was originally loaded. I have coded my page to load and save annotations that are added to the second document, but since I can’t access them in the comments panel, I can’t comment, reply, etc.

  2. Is it possible to suppress the annotations that represent the differences in the comments panel? I was able to find the annotations that represent the differences and hide them using AnnotationManager.hideAnnotation(), but it also hid the annotations on the documents. I would like to still see the differences, but only on the document. (see screenshot - highlighted annotation is what I would like to hide).

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Are you using the full-apis/ViewerPDFSemanticDiffTest sample ?


I don’t know where to find that sample. The issue I am having is from with my application that I built. I do have webviewer.fullApi = true, and to start the comparison, I am using DocumentViewer.startSemanticDiff to begin the comparison.

I used this example to get started adding this feature to our existing implementation of webviewer in our product. Apryse Documentation | Documentation.

I was able to hide the annotations in the comments panel and keep them in the document using:

this.wvInstance.UI.setCustomNoteFilter(function (annotation) {
      return annotation.getCustomData('TextDiffType') === '' && annotation.getCustomData('TextDiffID') === '';

I am still not able to show the annotations for the second document in the comments panel.

Sorry for the late reply. I have checked with our team, and we have an item in our backlog for this, and we’ll work on this soon. Will keep you updated.

Thank you for the update.