Serious problems with SVG performance and cross browser support

Q: We are having serious problem with SVG performance (this is
browsers' problems, not yours) and are considering dropping the idea
of using SVG at all. In fact, we are happy that we bought your
converter instead of finishing ours.

BTW, have your team heard about problems with handling huge SVG
files? I think it would be great to share our experience and discuss
potential solutions. What do you think?

We are aware of many restrictions and problems with the current state
of affairs with SVG support across browsers.

For example, please see:

Performance and memory issues are an additional complication and will
unlikely go away due to DOM and JavaScripting requirements.

As an alternative solution to SVG you may want to take a look at
WebViewer ( PDFNet WebViewer
can use HTML5 Canvas to render documents consistently across browsers,
platforms, and devices (including iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.). The
WebViewer can also take advantage of alternate technologies (e.g.
Flash or Silverlight), if they are available.

For an online demo, please take a look at:

To convert/view your own files you can use Bookstore sample project
  My Bookstore

The WebViewer SDK comes with source code for a desktop and mobile
reader control. The API allows for complete viewer customization
and extensions (e.g. with markup, forms, multimedia, digital
signatures, etc.).

We are also in the process of improving and extending MobileReader
sample code to bring it on par (in terms of functionality) with the
desktop version. The current HTML5 viewer APIs is identical in both
mobile and desktop version, however most mobile users expect to
interact with the content in a different way compared to the desktop
version (hence the two variants).

Also as part of the next update we are planning to include built-in
support for markup and annotation that is already available in the
Silverlight version (