Set pages for TiffOutputOptions param

Product: pdfnet-node

Product Version: 10.4.0

Please give a brief summary of your issue: Can’t get the params right for the setPages in the TiffOutputOptions

Please describe your issue and provide steps to reproduce it:
We are trying to convert from PDF to TIFF with the PDFNet.Convert.fileToTiff. We only want to convert the first page and we have seen the PDFNet.Convert.TiffOutputOptions::setPages, but the description for the param to give is very vage and we don’t understand it: PDFTron pdfnet-node Class: TiffOutputOptions
Why is it expecting a string? We’ve tried the following:

const tiff_options = new PDFNet.Convert.TiffOutputOptions();
// Options we have tried, none of these produces any error nor the expected file

// These options do produce the expected file but it is 1KB in size and malformed

Can you tell us what parameter is expected? We can’t figure it out

Thank you for contacting us about this and for the feedback. The team will look into improving the documentation to make this method less ambiguous.

You may provide the setPages() method with a string value of the page set you require. The pages will start at 1.

For example, the following values are valid:

setPages("1") // just the first page
setPages("1-5") // pages 1 to 5
setPages("1,5,7") // pages 1, 5 and 7
setPages("odd") // all odd pages
setPages("even") // all even pages