setCustomDrawHandler not firing dynamically unless performing explicit action

Product: PDFTron WebViewer

Product Version: 8.12.0

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When I set setCustomDrawHandler and place an annotation, the annotation is drawn correctly. When I move/modify the annotation, setCustomDrawHandler does not trigger. If I resize the annotation within the viewer (non programmatically), setCustomDrawHandler fires on movement and modification. I would like to have that happen from the jump.

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  1. Set setCustomDrawHandler after initializing webviewer.
  2. Programmatically create an annotation.
  3. Move annotation around. Observe no setCustomDrawHandler being called.
  4. Manually resize the annotation, or change opacity, etc.
  5. Move annotation around. Observe setCustomDrawHandler being called many times.

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Hi, I was able to resolve this by using a CustomAnnotation. Thanks!