Setting a different font size for FreeText annotations in PDFViewCtrl

Q: I use pdftron::PDF::PDFViewCtrl to create text notes on pdf
document and I wonder is there a way to change text size for
annotations, which are created with tool mode e_text_box_create.

A: Did you try using: freetext.SetDefaultAppearance("/Helv 20 Tf 0 0
1 rg");

For example:

pdftron.PDF.Annots.FreeText default_annot = new FreeText
default_annot.SetDefaultAppearance("/Helv 20 Tf 0 0 1 rg");
// default_annot.SetColor(new ColorPt(0, 0, 1));

The string on the above line will use default 20pt size and blue text.