Setting Appearance: signing pdf files with a pkcs12 certificate


I´m currently evaluating the PDFNET Mobile SDK and try to sign a pdf file with a pkcs12 certificate with Android.

The sample project works fine, but I need the signature appearance not as an image.

Is it possible with the framework to get an signature appearance of a form field like following:

Signed by XY

Date: 2013.07.13 15:30:12 MESZ


I didn´t find any further explanations about this case in the samples and the documentation.

Thank you,

Hi Florian,

Yes you can create and set appearance to be text, or a path, or any type of PDF graphics.

For a concrete example please see InteractiveForms sample project (code that creates ‘Button’ appearance).

For more examples & relevant discussion you may want to search for SetAppearance in this forum:!searchin/pdfnet-sdk/SetAppearance