Setting Crease Angle

PDF3D ReportGen, PDF3D.IO development SDK and PDF3D SDK PRO can be used to convert over 90 file formats to 3D PDF.

In 3D PDF, shown in Adobe, there is a concept called “Crease Angle”. This means that for surfaces with curvature below this angle, or adjacent faces sharing an edge, the display assumes these are smooth, and displays them in a way they may not appear flat.

Within PDF3D ReportGen this is simply controlled using ‘Set Crease Angle’ under the ‘Visual Effects’ tab.


In PDF3D.IO development SDK , this may be controlled through the CreaseAngle tag under Default Assembly Properties.

<CreaseAngle value="0" />

Please note that you must ensure UseOriginalNormals is set to false:

<UseOriginalNormals value="false" />

In PDF3D SDK PRO, Crease Angle may be introduced using ‘PDF3DIntermediateModel::SetCreaseAngle’. As is the case with PDF3D.IO development SDK, normals must be removed after importing file.