Setup WebViewer Angular Sample on IIS


I have tried to start with WebViewer Angular project template ( But I had a hard time deploying this to IIS Server, Are there any step-by-step instructions that I can follow?

(The following steps are running on IIS 10)

  1. Install URL Rewrite tool for IIS:

  2. Add Virtual Directory to IIS

  3. In virtual directory physical path, run git clone []( .

  4. Add web.config directly to the folder above, using this content Remember to change url="/MyApp/" to new path location

  5. Run npm install to get all dependencies to be installed

  6. Run “ng build --base-href=’/YOUR_URL/’”

  7. Copy contents of “Dist/Angular/” folder to this folder (beside web.config)

  8. Copy the “lib” and “files” folders to your “inetpub/wwwroot” folder (otherwise I got 404 errors in the browser)

  9. Goto “localhost/yoururl”

  10. The WebViewer should be running in your browser now