Show UIMenuController for different tools except for PTPanTool

I want to show UIMenuController when I tap long press on the screen when PTFreeHandCreate is selected like PTPanTool.

When I call the function
func showSelectionMenu(_ targetRect: CGRect) in PTTool class, pageNumber returns “18446744073709551615” in the function “shouldShowMenu” as below

func toolManager(_ toolManager: PTToolManager, shouldShowMenu menuController: UIMenuController, forAnnotation annotation: PTAnnot?, onPageNumber pageNumber: UInt) → Bool {
return true

Do you have any advise to fix that issue or any way to achieve that?
Thank you already!

Hi @bilgehan,

Could you expand in some more detail the exact workflow you’re trying to create?

Could you also share what you have already tried while trying to achieve the desired result?