"Sign Here" on iPad using Apple Pencil


we are using WebViewer Version 7.3.3.
We have a PDF which has a field for signing. When i click on that field the modal shows up where i can write and the Signature is automatically saved to the corresponding field. This works perfect on Windows or Mac using the mouse and also on the iPad using a finger.

However if i use the Apple Pencil on the iPad the Modal shows up about one or two times out of ten. The PDFTron Online-Demo shows the same behavior.

I think the problem is, that the iPad reacts much more sensitive to the Pencil then the finger.
For example:
If i’m drawing FreeText-Annotations and touch with the finger on the display, there is a perfect dot, but if i touch the display with the Apple Pencil it is most of the time a short line.

Is there any way that i can definitly trigger the sign-action when tapping on the “Sign here” field, although i’m using the Pencil?



Yeah I’m too having the same issue currently. I can’t select any check boxes or initiate signing while using the pen. Would also like to know if there’s a way to improve this?