Signature not displayed after save - iOS

Using the FloatingSigViewController and DigitalSignatureTool after selecting Save Appearance, the signature does not appear.

It is actually saving it, but it doesn't display until I close and then reopen the document.

After some testing, I can see that the first time you open a document you can add many signatures and they will all be displayed right away. But if I close the document and reopen it, then any new signatures will not be displayed until the document is closed and reopened again. But you can tap the area where you added it and it will select a blank box where it should be, the image just isn't being displayed.

This happens for me in the CompleteReader sample project, as well as our own project.

Is there a fix to this issue, or any suggestions on how to go about fixing this issue? I've tried switching out
  [m_pdfViewCtrl UpdateWithAnnot:m_moving_annotation page_num:m_annot_page_number];
  [m_pdfViewCtrl Update];

to rerender the whole document. But it still will not show.

This problem has been fixed in the beta version of the SDK, which you can find at the bottom of the download page.