Signature Preview blurry

WebViewer Version: 8.6.0

Hello PDFTron team,

we have a problem with the signature preview. We are using the AnnotationCreateSignature tool, setting a base64 encoded png-image and using the showPreview method. This used to be no problem until we recently increased the size of the image so it still looks sharp when the user increases the size of the annotation. We took that idea from your Webviewer-UI project. Now, the preview image looks blurry althouhg once added to the document the image is sharp. Do you have any idea why this happens or how to fix it?

signature preview:

signature added to the docment:

Here is a snippet of our code:

    const instance = this.pdfTronViewer.webViewerInstance;
    const signTool: Core.Tools.SignatureCreateTool =
      ) as Core.Tools.SignatureCreateTool;
    signTool.setDefaultSignatureOptions({ maximumDimensionSize: 80 });
    signTool.setSignature(signature).then(() => {


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Hello biff999,

Thank you for reporting this! I was able to reproduce this issue and have created a task in our backlog to fix it.

We think it’s because it’s due to the scale of the canvas not being adjusted for the zoom level, thus causing the pixelation.

Best regards,
Tyler Gordon
Web Development Support Engineer

Hi Tyler,

thanks for your reply. Looking forward to a fix in the future :slight_smile:

hi I have an issue with the signature part as well in this question Imported base64 Signatures are low quality but haven’t received any response can someone give me a hand here?