Some images become blurry after conversion to XOD


I have a two page PDF that I convert to XOD. On each page there is an image, but both images have the exact same resolution.

However, after conversion, the image on the second page is blurry.


What is happening is that one of the images is surpassing the DPI parameter (default is 96). This calulcation is based not on the source image, but on how that image would appear on screen, so it takes into account the scaling that occurs to the image in the page content stream.

So while the two images have the same dimension, they do not have the same dimensions when drawn on the page, though it is hard to tell visually.

If you increase the DPI parameter, to say 150, then both images are untouched.

Please let me know if this works for you, and if you have any further questions.