Some time my pdf load at 0% width

Product: 7.1.2

Product Version: 7.1.2

i’m facing a problem some time my pdf open with 0% width. that’s why it look like pdf has not been loaded successfully once you change the width manually it start showing pdf

When did this start occurring? What changed at that time?
What do you mean exactly by " you change the width manually"?
Can you please provide screenshots clearly showing the issue

PDF is opening at 0% , showing in image after that i have to fix width manually, then it is opening. I want it to open automatically.


Could you please provide some more information on your issue?

  • What steps did you take and what exactly happened during the process? If you can provide code snippets will help a lot.
  • Did you receive any error messages? Providing a screenshot will be helpful.
  • Would you be able to provide me with a sample of the PDF file you have experienced this issue with?
  • Do you have a runnable code that you can provide and we can try to reproduce the same scenario here? If you want to send me my e-mail is

If we have the above information, we can better assess and troubleshoot the issue for you.

Thanks in advance!

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