Speeding PDF printing.

I pretty much made my deadline. Thanks for your help! Now I'm in the
process of fine-tuning so I have some more questions.

The first issue I have is the printing speed. I draw the pdf pages to a
(rather large) DIBSection ( 4000x6500 pixels, depending on printer
settings ) using PDFDraw. Quality is superb, but speed is less nice.
Can something be done to speed up the printing?


To speed up printing you may want to try:

A) using GDI+ rasterizer (set
draw.SetRasterizerType(PDFRasterizer.Type.e_GDIPlus)) and printing
directly to printer DC.

B) generating a smaller bitmap (unfortunatelly this may degrate image
quality depending on your printer settings).

C) direct printing (used in Acrobat). If your printer can print PDF,
you can send PDF documents directly to the printer. You may want to
investigate ExtEscape and Escape Win32 GDI functions. Also it seems
that you can use a shell command such as:
  copy /b filename.PDF prn or lpr -S servername -P printername
for the same purpose.

See more info:

If you have a PostScript capable printer, you could try to convert PDF
to PostScript and then send PS file directly to the printer.

D) The upcoming PDFNet version will print PDF much faster (faster than
Acrobat) on any Windows platfrom with WinFX support.