Status callback


Annotation has feature to add status in the notes panel. Is there any callback available on status change or a way to add custom callback ?


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You can listen to the “annotationChanged” event like the following

// your configurations
}, document.getElementById(‘viewer’))
.then(instance => {
const { Tools, annotManager, docViewer, Annotations } = instance;
const displayMode = docViewer.getDisplayModeManager().getDisplayMode();

annotManager.on(‘annotationChanged’, (annots, action, options) => {
if (!options.imported && action === ‘add’ && annots[0].InReplyTo) {
// “InReplyTo” is the “Id” of the parent annotation that status changed
const annot = annotManager.getAnnotationById(annots[0].InReplyTo);
const newStatus = annot.getStatus();

Please let me know if the above helps or if you have any other questions

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