Subscript or superscipt

I would like to know if is there a simple way to write text subscripts
or superscipts ?
Actually I am trying to make my own function with methods like

Any suggestions ?

There are couple of options:

- You could set 'Text Rise' parameter in the graphics state
(pdftron.PDF.GState.SetTextRise()). This parameter is documented in
section 9.3.7 'Text Rise' in PDF Reference (

Text rise, Trise, specifies the distance, in unscaled text space
units, to move the baseline up or down from its default location.
Positive values of text rise shall move the baseline up. Text rise
shall apply to the vertical coordinate in text space, regardless of
the writing mode. Adjustments to the baseline are useful for drawing
superscripts or subscripts. The default location of the baseline can
be restored by setting the text rise to 0.

- Alternatively you could set a text matrix on every new text run
element (element.SetTextMatrix()). This gives you full control over
text positioning, but you may be a bit more cumbersome to use.