SVG file as stamp with editable properties

WebViewer Version:latest

I have few svg files to be displayed as stamps.
So i converted the svg xml into base64 and set that in setStandardStamps as shown below
const stampTool = instance.Core.documentViewer.getTool(instance.Core.Tools.ToolNames.RUBBER_STAMP);



The svg will have few texts which is editable when added just like Stamp text in custom stamps.
So I want to open a popup when my stamp is clicked to edit the texts in the svg file. The popup should be something similar to what we show when custom stamp is selected.

I want the control used to show this and any inputs which can be given to edit the text properties in the svg file
This is the SVG I am using and NAME is the text which needs to replaced when selected:

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Once an image is created through stamps, there is no way to change the text as it has been merged in the image data.

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