Tabs and Annotation Manager not keeping Annots. separate

WebViewer Version: 8.7.0

Does the issue only happen on certain browsers? No
Is your issue related to annotations? Yes

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Annotations duplicating between Tabs

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I have a requirement to create a ‘Consolidation’ copy of the markups.
I have a tab with all the user’s annotations; called ‘Original: {filename}’.
When users are complete with their markups, the Owner should be able to create a copy of all the annotations. When the owner clicks the ‘create’ command, then following happens:

  • Annotations are copied into the database under a record with a MarkupType designation. This identifier keeps them separate in our database (‘Orig’ or ‘Cons’)
  • A new tab is created using information from the original tab, using the same blob.
  • When doc is loaded into the tab, all the copied annotations are reassigned to the owner and a reply noting the original author is added.
  • Then the modified annotations are saved

The problem I am having is that any change I make on one tab is made (loaded) on another tab.
I have included the page for your examination. Any help will be much appreciated. I’ve burned a lot of hours trying to resolve, and a second set of knowledgeable eyes will be great.

Please provide a link to a minimal sample where the issue is reproducible: Cannot

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Hi Mark,

Thank you for contacting WebViewer Support.

I’d like to suggest some checks in order to verify if you are getting the correct list of annotations to display in each tab.

1 - Are the methods OnLoadSuccess and UnloadConsolidationSuccess getting the correct result? Only the annotations for each specific tab?

2 - I was wondering about the way you’re saving the annotations. You listen to the event annotationChanged and then if it s not imported you save it. As I cannot see the SaveAnnotations method, can you please confirm if it is saving only the ‘Orig’ or ‘Cons’ annotations?

3 - Does the same thing happens if you make an annotation on the Consolidate tab and goes to the Original tab?

Best Regards,
Dandara Navarro
Web Software Developer
PDFTron Systems, Inc.

Mea Culpa.

Short response: There was a spelling error determining the Markup type by the tab description.

Longer response: I had validated the routine that determined the Markup type previously. Once I saw that the ‘options. Filename’ determined the pdf download filename, I had changed the tab to add the Markup type + actual FileName. This wasn’t the issue as much as changing Consolidate to Consolidation. My apologies for your time spent. After the weekend, I spotted it right away after a fresh look at it.

-Thank you for your quick response

Hi Mark,

Thanks for let us know that know it is fixed.

Feel free to open a new ticket if you face any issues.

Best Regards,
Dandara Navarro
Web Software Developer
PDFTron Systems, Inc.