Text extraction in XPS converted from PDF

Q: I am using the new function in PDFNet and PDF2XPS to convert PDF
to XPS. The XPS looks great even for complicated files, however I have
a question related to text search in XPS. In the output document (XPS
1-When trying to select text in paragraph the selection behave in a
strange way like selecting columns of characters not continues text.
2-When trying to search for a string in the result xps the order of
the search result is totally wrong
A: It is possible that these issues are more related to the XPS viewer
(consumer) than PDF2XPS (http://www.pdftron.com/pdf2xps) - . In PDF
and XPS text may be rendered in different ways and the ordering may
not make much sense. For example, there is no requirement that text
needs to be laid down top to bottom, right to left. It is possible
that XPS viewer you are using is not on par with current PDF viewers
in terms of their text search. A proper text extractor for XPS would
need to sort the text in Y/X order and reconstruct words/lines based
on their spatial information.