Text to PDF

Q: We are using the PDFNetC.dll and are not using the pdftron driver.
I need to convert txt file to pdf.
I examined your example http://www.pdftron.com/pdfnet/samplecode/ConvertTest.cpp
and I have a question:
is it enough to use the PDFNetC.dll only, without using the driver to
perform such conversion?
A: If you are using pdftron.PDF.Convert the TXT to PDF conversion will
go through a printer driver (which is part of PDFNetC.dll). In case
you do not want to go through the driver you can directly convert TXT
to PDF using ElementBuilder & ElementWriter (for example please see
http://pdfnet-sdk.googlegroups.com/web/Text2PDF.zip - this sample is
in C# but you could easliy port it to C++) . We may add this type of
direct conversion in 'pdftron.PDF.Convert' as part of a future PDFNet