The size of PDFNet SDK for C++


I checked the evaluation version PDFNet SDK for Visual Studio C++ 2005
and found it successful. But I am concerned with the size of library
(around 100MB). I want to add PDF page splitting and merging
capability to my application.

Keep in mind that these are 'static' libraries and that your
executable will be _much_ smaller. For example, if you want to use
page splitting and merging functionality, the executable size will not
be around couple of megabytes. When testing make sure to select
release mode of the library (MTRelease or MDRelease).

Also because you will be only splitting and merging PDF documents you
don't need to distribute PDFNet resources (i.e. 'pdfnet.res') along
with your application. As a result, using PDFNet SDK you can build
application with very small footprint. The file size of application
will be proportional to number of features you use (http:// Still, even if your application
references every single function in PDFNet SDK the total file size
will not be more than 4MB!