There are more than one PDFNet package in the NuGet store, which do I download?


The two following packages appear in the Nuget

are these 2 libraries related to you solution?


As you can see in the screen shot, the top one is from us (PDFTron Systems Inc.), while the second is from a Jozef Izso, who has no relation to us.

As far as I am aware Jozef Iszo is providing a convenience to some other PDFNet community members, by just removing our PDFNetLoader.dll from our package. We include PDFNetLoader in our package so that AnyCPU projects can pick 32 or 64bit PDFNet.dll at runtime, but PDFNetLoader.dll is not a requirement. See this post to learn more.

So please only download PDFNet NuGet packages by PDFTron Systems Inc., though you can also always check that the PDFNet.dll files are also signed by PDFTron Systems Inc.
From my previous look at the package from Jozef Izso he is using our official PDFNet.dll’s (as they are signed with our key, and there is no binary difference), so as far as I am aware he is not doing anything malicious, though that can change at anytime if the package gets updated. If anyone does decide to download packages with PDFNet in them, but that are not from PDFTron Systems, then you should double check the digital signature of the dll’s (they should still be signed by us).