Trouble getting searchTextFull to work with searchPanel hidden

WebViewer Version: ^10.1.0

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Having trouble implementing text search into our React app

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I’d like to be able to programmatically search a document using the WebViewer.
We have a application where users can search for document using text search. The user performs a search, and a list of documents are returned that contain the search term they are looking for. The user can then click on a document, and view a preview of that document with al of the instances of the search term highlighted in the document.

At the moment I’m able to achieve this using instance.UI.searchTextFull, but when the document loads in the previewer it seems to loop through all of the instance of the search term, and flash the searchPanel for each result, until all the results have been returned.

I tried hiding the searchPanel by using instance.UI.disableElements(['searchPanel ']);, but doing this seemed to restrict to showing only one instance of the search term in the document, instead of the multiple that could be found.

So my question is, can I perform a searchTextFull while not showing the searchPanel? Ultimately I would like the user to be able to still bring up the searchPanel, I would just like to hide it be default.

Below is the relevant block of code I’ve got at the moment that performs the text search:

    path: '/lib',
    licenseKey: licenseKey,
    disabledElements: [
).then(async instance => {

  // load document into viewer
  instance.UI.loadDocument(docBlobUrl, { filename: 'file.' + fileExtension?.toLowerCase() });

  // turn off buttons

  // disable viewer features
  const Feature = instance.UI.Feature as any;
  instance.UI.disableFeatures([Feature.Copy, Feature.Print, Feature.selectToolButton]);

  // display document viewer and turn off loading spinner
  const { documentViewer, Annotations } = instance.Core;

  // Set search highlight colors
    searchResult: new Annotations.Color(230, 82, 0, 0.1),
    activeSearchResult: 'rgba(230, 82, 0, 0.1)'

  documentViewer.setTextHighlightColor('rgba(230, 82, 0, 0.1)');

  documentViewer.addEventListener('documentLoaded', () => {
    if (searchTerm) {
      const searchOptions = {
        caseSensitive: false,
        wholeWord: false,
        wildcard: false,
        regex: false,
        searchUp: false,
        ambientString: true,

      instance.UI.searchTextFull(searchTerm, searchOptions);

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Hello @chris.hammond-ross,

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After using the code provided, I was unable to reproduce the behavior you were describing.

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  6. Can you reproduce this issue on our latest release (10.9)?

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