Trouble saving signature type annotation

I am facing an issue while I am trying to save a signature type annotation as XFDF. Following is my code for saving annotations:

PTFDFDoc *doc_annots = [doc FDFExtract: e_ptboth];

NSLog(@“Export annotations from FDF to XFDF.”);

// xfdfFilePath = [doc_annots SaveAsXFDFToString];

[doc_annots SaveAsXFDF: xfdfFilePath];

The above code crashes whenever a signature control is used. Following logs occurs:


Message: The dictionary does not contain required key: Pages

Conditional expression: false

Version :

Filename : Dict.cpp

Function : Get

Linenumber : 85

Can anyone assist me on what am I doing wrong?

Hello Nikhil,

This issue has been fixed in our latest builds. Please contact to get links to get a link for the updated build.