Trying to disable ToolHeader from pdftron


Product Version:8.0.1

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Hi Expert I am using pdftron webviewer widget in my mendix application there I am trying to disable Toolheader with the below code
’ instance.UI.disableElements(DISABLE_ELEMENT_LIST);’
its disabled with above code we can see in below screenshot

but when I resize the browser window again that toolheader visible.when browser window width goes under 900px .

is there any way to handle this issue

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Thank you for contacting WebViewer support.
Could you please provide us with what you have on the variable “DISABLE_ELEMENT_LIST”?

Thank you in advance.

Dandara Navarro
Web Software Developer

DISABLE_ELEMENT_LIST have the name of data-element “toolsHeader”
I also tried with below code
instance.UI.disableElements([ ‘toolsHeader’ ]);

if there is any workaround to hide this? Either through custom css or programmatically using JS

I tried with custom CSS but custom CSS not applying on there.


Thank you for the provided information.
I was able to reproduce the issue. Since this is an old version of our product I was wondering if would it be an option for you to upgrade the WebViewer to at least version 8.1. This issue is fixed on this version and you would only need to disable the “toolsHeader” and “header”



Dandara Navarro