Trying to get font embedding to work


I'm trying to get embedding of indirect fonts working with PDFNet.

As a test case I have exported a PDF from OpenOffice with 2 different font choices (attached with the mail). The PDF displays fine in Acrobat reader and Acrobat reports that all three fonts are embedded.

I then strip the fonts using code found in the PDFNet knowledge base:


PDFDoc doc = new PDFDoc("test.pdf");
SDFDoc cos_doc = doc.getSDFDoc();
long num_objs = cos_doc.xRefSize();
for (int i=1; i < num_objs; ++i) {
     Obj obj = cos_doc.getObj(i);
     if (obj!=null && !obj.isFree()&& obj.isDict()) {
         // Process only Fonts
         DictIterator itr = obj.find("Type");
         if ( ! itr.hasNext() || ! "Font".equals(itr.value().getName()) )
              continue;"Found font: " + itr.value().getName());
         itr = obj.find("FontDescriptor");
                       if ( ! itr.hasNext() )
         if ( ! itr.value().isDict() )
         Obj fd = itr.value();
}"stripped.pdf", 0, null);


When I open the resulting PDF file in Acrobat it displays a bunch of boxes instead of the text and also displays a warning that it couldn't find the first of the 2 fonts.

Question: Shouldn't Acrobat find the font installed on my system and use it to render the text?

I then proceed to re-embed the fonts, again with code found in the knowledge base:


fontMap.put("BAAAAA+BitstreamVeraSans-Roman", "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-bitstream-vera/Vera.ttf");
fontMap.put("CAAAAA+BitstreamVeraSerif-Roman", "/usr/share/fonts/truetype/ttf-bitstream-vera/VeraSe.ttf");
     PDFDoc doc = new PDFDoc("stripped.pdf");
PageIterator pageItr = doc.getPageIterator();
while (pageItr.hasNext()) {
   Page page = (Page);
   Obj res = page.getResourceDict();
   if (res != null) {
       Obj fonts = res.findObj("Font");
       DictIterator itr = fonts.getDictIterator();
       while (itr.hasNext()) {
           Obj fnt_dict = itr.value();
           Font font = new Font(fnt_dict);
           if (font.isEmbedded()) {
           StdFile embedFile = new StdFile(fontMap.get(font.getName()), StdFile.e_read_mode);
           FilterReader myStream = new FilterReader(embedFile);
           Obj fontStream = doc.createIndirectStream(myStream);
           fontStream.putNumber("Length1", embedFile.fileSize());
           font.GetDescriptor().put("FontFile2", fontStream);
}"embedded.pdf", 0, null);


This results in a slight change of the boxes and the error message about the missing font disappers. Acrobat Reader says all fonts are embedded, but I still only see boxes where there previously was text.

What am I doing wrong here? I'm trying this on a Ubuntu box.

BTW: The stripped file is marginally bigger than the original test file whereas the reembedded file is almost 10 times larger.

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