Unable to convert a word document into PDF format.

      PDFNet SDK

      I’ve implemented a Java application to convert a word document
into PDF. I’ve used the API PDFNet SDK Convert.toPdf().
      The function return this error:

      Message: An error occurred while converting the file.
      Detailed error:
            Unable to convert file, too many attemps.
            Conditional expression: false
            Filename : Convert.cpp
            Function : trn::PDF::Convert::ToPdf
            Linenumber : 1187

Do you have any suggestions as to how I can fix it?

My environment is:
• Windows Server 2008, x64
• Office 2003, 32-bit
• PDFNetC.dll, 64-bit

Best Regards.

For direct conversion from MS Office to PDF/XPS you would need MS
Office 2007/2010 (or higher).
You can also use MS Office 2003 or any other application that can
print word files, but in this case the conversion will go through a
virtual printer dirver (and you would need to install the printer as
shown in 'Convert' sample).