Unable to export initials widget to xfdf

Product: webviewer
Product Version: 10.8

When I export a signature widget created with requiresInitials: true to xfdf, there is nothing in the xfdf to indicate it requires initials, and it will re-import as a regular signature widget.

I add a field and then signature widget that requires initials using: new Annotations.SignatureWidgetAnnotation(field, { requiresInitials: true }) which works fine, then export to xfdf using: await annotationManager.exportAnnotations({ widgets: true, fields: true })

The resulting field/widget have nothing in the xfdf to indicate that it requires initials, ex:
<ffield type="Sig" name="Initials17115851707800" flags="Required"><font size="24.75" /></ffield> ... <widget field="Initials17115851707800" name="b77ec185-1f6e-4a7e-b3a4-163e7152b01e" modified-date="D:20240327171930-07'00'" page="1"><rect x1="62.0397" x2="279.7268" y1="704.9264" y2="748.4638" />

And when I later re-import the xfdf using await annotationManager.importAnnotations(xfdf) the widget is just a regular signature widget.

Are initials widgets not supported in xfdf? If not is there a way to change a signature widget to require initials after it’s been imported? I tried widget.flags.set('requiresInitials', true) but that didn’t do anything.

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Initials widgets created in the UI export correctly. With help from Apryse support I found that if I use widget.setCustomData('trn-signature-type', 'initialsSignature') before exporting the xfdf, it will later import as an initials widget :slight_smile:

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