Unable to integrate PDFTron in SpringBoot java web application

We’ve following scenarios

  1. We have a rest end point through which XOD document can be received. I want to use this rest end point to send file to PDFTron WebViewer and make it non-downloadable. I’m not able to achieve this.

  2. Need to annotate document and get the annotated document back to my server without keeping its copy on client side.

  3. I want to implement merge and retain annotation and markup functionality.

We already gone through your whole website but didn’t find any useful content. Please provide some examples or proper documentation with running sample code. If PDFTron is satisfying our need we really have good business exposure.

NOTE: We’ve Spring Boot Web Application in which we want implement above scenarios.

Hello, please re-post this to our WebViewer forum. They will be better able to answer your questions.