Unable to load DLL 'PDFNetC' or one of its dependencies: The specified module could not be found

Dear Team,

I am using PDFTron in .net core web application. I am getting an error at PDFNet.Initialize();
The error message is "Unable to load DLL ‘PDFNetC’ or one of its dependencies: The specified module could not be found."

I have installed the dll from Nuget Manager bu using PDFTron.NETCore.Windows.x64.

below is my code.

public IActionResult SplitFilesByPage(string sInFileName, string sSplitFolderName)
List lReturn = new List();
string sSplitFoldersPath = _iconfiguration.GetSection(“fileLocations”).GetSection(“SplitFoldersPath”).Value;
string sScannedPDFPath = _iconfiguration.GetSection(“fileLocations”).GetSection(“ScannedFilesPath”).Value;
string sSplitFoldersWorkFolder = _iconfiguration.GetSection(“fileLocations”).GetSection(“SplitFoldersWorkFolder”).Value;
sInFileName = sInFileName.Trim();
sSplitFolderName = sSplitFolderName.Trim();

cPDF oPDF = new cPDF();

List lFiles = oPDF.SplitPDFByPage(sScannedPDFPath + sInFileName, sSplitFoldersPath, sSplitFolderName, true);

int iPage = 0;
foreach (var sFile in lFiles)
cSplitFilesReturn oFile = new cSplitFilesReturn();
oFile.FileName = sSplitFoldersWorkFolder + “/” + sSplitFolderName + “/” + sFile;
oFile.PageNo = iPage;

return this.Ok(lReturn);
catch (Exception EX)

public class cPDF
public static PDFNetLoader Loader { get; private set; }

static cPDF()
Loader = PDFNetLoader.Instance();

public List SplitPDFByPage(string sPDFPath, string sOutputPath, string sSplitFolder, bool bDeleteFilesBeforeSplit = true)


Typically “The specified module could not be found.” means exactly that, that PDFNetC is not in any accessible, searched, location.

You may want to review this.

It is possible that you are getting this error because your process is 32bit, though that typically manifests as a “format” errorr.

Are you able to download our standalone SDK package, and run the .NET Core samples?
Just unzip, and go to one of the samples folders, into the “CS” folder, and execute “dotnet run”.

Hi, I am getting the same issue " Unable to load DLL ‘PDFNetC’ or one of its dependencies" when running pdftron sample in windows docker container. Could you please let me know, where should I add the “PDFNetC.dll” in container to make this work.

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@rtripathi - I realize that your post is from 2022, but did you ever find a solution to this?