Unable to set Customdata in React Native

Hi Team,

We are trying to set custom data while adding markups but it is not setting this data.
Earlier It was working and there is no change in code.
Is there any issue in the latest version of react native pdftron ?

Exported Annotaion :

Hello there,

Thanks for letting us know. I have tested out the API and it is working normally in the latest version of react native pdftron in iOS and Android.

I would have to see your code to be sure, but it may just be a typo. If the annotation in your screenshot is a direct result from one of our promises, then annotation.Id should actually be lowercase annotation.id.

For example, when I used this code, the custom data was properly set:

onAnnotationsSelected = {({annotations}) => {
  annotations.forEach(annotation => {
    this._viewer.setPropertiesForAnnotation(annotation.id, annotation.pageNumber, {     // lowercase `id`
      customData: {
        UserID: "123",
        UserName: "PDFTron"
      this._viewer.getCustomDataForAnnotation(annotation.id, annotation.pageNumber, "UserID").then((val) => {console.log("Custom UserID: " +  val)});
      this._viewer.getCustomDataForAnnotation(annotation.id, annotation.pageNumber, "UserName").then((val) => {console.log("Custom UserName: " +  val)});

and I was able to view the custom data in the exported annotation command with:

onExportAnnotationCommand = ({action, xfdfCommand}) => {
    console.log('action', action);
    console.log('xfdfCommand', xfdfCommand);

Let us know how it goes and if you have any more questions, thank you.

Thanks @akwan , It worked for me, It was a typo.