Unable to trigger mouse events on PDF through Cypress

Product: Webviewer/ PdfViewer

Product Version: Apryse v10.9.0

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Unable to trigger mouse events on PDF through Cypress.

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We use Cypress for E2E test automation of our web application. It also includes tests that require the text selection on PDF.
For text selection we do trigger mouse events available in Cypress - mousedown, mousemove and mouseup along with start and end coordinates to select the text.
This was working fine in PdfTron 8.1.0, but after we upgrade to 10.9.0 it is NOT working.
Any help is appreciated, Thanks!

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Hello ashwin_p,

Can you provide a sample project demonstrating the issue, or a code snippet of how youre setting up your test.

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This is how we perform the action of text selection (kind of mouse drag action) using the start and end coordinates.
Below are Cypress events:
mousedown - to click mouse down
mousemove - move to desired position
mouseup - release the mouse down

Hello adshwin_p

Please be sure youre triggering the events on documentViewer, and the naming scheme matches, for example:

mouseLeftDown: Apryse WebViewer Class: DocumentViewer

Best regards,