Unable to use client side viewer with PDFs that require authentication

I am trying to use the client side viewer with documents that require an authentication token. From my understanding, if i’m using the client side viewer only then the browser should be doing the request for the document, however I get back a 403 error. This seems to mean that the fetching of the document is happening through the docker server.

Can you give more details about the error? Maybe copy-paste the error message?

It is just a 403 error because the server where I have the file hosted requires authentication. My question is, does the client version still fetch the file through the docker server? Is there a way to fetch the file through the browser so that I can use the cookie already stored in the browser to fetch the file?

You may pass customer http headers like shown in this guide https://www.pdftron.com/documentation/web/guides/basics/open/url/#additional-options