Universal binary version of PDFTron PDFNet SDK for MacOSX

We are planning to use PDFTron PDFNet SDK or viewing and printing PDFs
on Windows (C++) and MacOSX (C++, Intel and PPC). I notice that there
are separate downloads and libraries for Intel and PowerPC version of
the Mac libraries. Since we are delivering a universal binary plugin
application it is critical for us that we link against a universal
binary version of PDFTron.

On Mac OSX, we currently provide static libraries for both PowerPC and
Intel platforms. You can create a universal library using 'lipo' tool
(it may be called differently). You can also compile your project
separately on different platforms and then merge the binaries to create
a 'universal binary.

Although we are (at the moment) packaging PowerPC and Intel libraries
separately, this shouldn't prevent you from making a 'universal binary'
for your software.