Update field text without removing Submit button functionality

Hey. I'm currently evaluating this library for usage in a web application for a company I do contract work for. We want to store PDF files in a database, retrieve them, update the field text, and then display them through the web application. On these PDFs we have a Submit button that will perform a HTTP Post to an .aspx page we've created.

I've looked at the API and helpful code samples and have gotten everything to work fine until I call RefreshAppearance() on any field or RefreshFieldAppearances() on the document. Once I do that the functionality of the Submit button no longer works.

So my question is, do I have to recreate the Submit button functionality? Or can I somehow keep the 'Refresh' method from modifying this button. If I comment out that ('refresh') line of code, all is well, except of course I don't see the text field changes.

I did search the group here and didn't find my answer. I tried to do some due diligence before posting. Thank you for any help you can provide!!

That is a bit surprising. Provided that you are not dealing with XFA files, calling RefreshAppearance() should have ho side effects other than updating the appearance of the field. If you could send a sample PDF to support at pdftron.com along with a short code snippet showing what you are doing on your end, we’ll take a look at it.